Dress to Impress

You wake to the sound of some tractor drilling away at street work. You roll over, it’s already 7:45 and work starts at 8:30. After taking the world’s fastest shower, you find yourself staring at your wardrobe.. uughhhhh.. WTF do I wear? Sometimes I wonder how much time I’ve spent in total if I were to add up all the time I’ve taken to decide what to wear, let alone get ready. I think I can also safely assume I’m not the only one in. That said, I definitely wouldn’t call it a waste of time–I think we can all agree that presenting yourself well no matter what you’re doing is important.. After all, if you look good, you play good.

Your style really can make a long lasting impression, and it makes a bigger impact on the world around us than we often think. The harsh truth is, many people hardly take the time to separate the first moment they saw you from who you really are. More often than not, we are seen before we are heard.

But I don’t think anyone really intentionally slacks on their style, unless your Mark Zuckerberg(who wears the same thing every day to conserve mental capacity–robot much???

But for everyone else, it’s more often an issue with time. We constantly have a million other things to worry about, so keeping up with the latest trends, which are continually changing with the drop of a designer’s newest collection, can be somewhat of a chore. If you aren’t a vogue devotee,

is an understatement. Now, if you’d excuse my dated internet humor, it’s time for a little self promo;). But seriously–we’re here to help.

TrendSetr allows you to snag everyday style inspiration from the best in the game. Not only can you see what your favorite fashionistas are wearing, you can see how they wear it and easily shop from their posts when you see something you love. And you never have to comment on someone’s post asking “where’d you get this?” Whether you shop all the time or only when it’s absolutely necessary, you’ll never again be at a loss for inspiration. Plus you get to see pictures of clothes you’re interested in on REAL PEOPLE, not models that are literally hired to make the clothes look perfect. TrendSetr can provide you with endless ideas to ensure that every day you’re presenting the best version of yourself to the world around you.

And lastly–my favorite part–you get paid back whenever someone shops through your posts. Because who doesn’t already post pictures in the clothes they buy? TrendSetr literally lets you get paid back for something you already do. 

Check us out on the App Store below:).

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